The Game Of Craps

Craps is one of the loudest games in the casino, though it shouldn’t be. The game involves throwing two dice across a table so it lands against the wall and falls onto the table below to reveal the number. The act of the game itself is not loud. However, the noise comes from everyone who has money out on the table, all praying that the numbers show only the ones they want.


When someone “craps” out at the table, is one of the most disappointing things to take place – and the mood sweeps across the casino pit area.

Learn The Crap Craft

Craps is a simple game to learn, although it looks intimidating. The game starts by people placing a bet on the pass line. Someone, called the shooter, then chooses two die and throws them across the table. If the number is 7 or 11, everyone wins and the game begins again. If it is 2 or 12, everyone loses their bet. If it is any other number, the point is established and the game continues. From there, the game can be increasingly complex as people determine how to make additional bets. A person can play solely with their money on the pass line. Odds can even be placed behind it to make more money – but only if a number other than 7 is rolled at this point. The various ways to make money include field bets, hard ways, and placing the other numbers that can be rolled. If the point is 6, many people will place the 8 simply because it is the next most common number to be rolled – though there are various betting strategies that people employ.

“Don’t Crap”, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Throughout the game, people can become bolder with their bets as they make money on the table. At any given time, it’s not uncommon for people to have a lot of money on the table – and this will vary based upon the table minimum and how much a person is comfortable with losing. As the shooter is able to roll anything other than a 7, the game continues until the point is met, that is, the number is rolled that was first established. Make extra cash by playing online roulette  games.

The game then starts over again with the same shooter. The only time the game changes shooters is when a 7 is rolled after a number is placed. Craps is one of the few games where there is such interaction from the players – and it’s what keeps the game so attractive. Many people watch the game but never step forward to place a bet on the pass line. Once that first bet is placed, the dealers and croupiers will help with the rest. It’s all a matter of taking that first step and putting some money on the pass line. From there, betting strategies can be learned and integrated into game play.

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