The Ancient Game Of Poker

Poker has long been a game played around the world – and such series as the Asian Series of Poker and the World Series of Poker have made the game that much more popular. It’s also being televised around the world, exposing people to the game and showing how the game is played. There are a number of variations to the game. Texas Hold ‘em is the most popular, though there are also others including Omaha, Hi-Lo, 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud and more. Each one has a slightly different way to play the game based upon how many cards are given to each player and how many cards are shared. Sometimes cards can be discarded for new ones and other times they cannot. The game is widely played and extremely popular, from Las Vegas Casinos to South African online casinos.

Poker Combinations

Beyond that, the goal is to have the best hand. This is done by looking at the numbers and the suit. If someone has all of their cards in the same suit, they have a flush. If they have two of the same number, they have two-of-a-kind or three of the same number is three-of-a-kind. There are also combinations that lead to a Full House, a Royal Flush and more.

The Poker Face

The betting on poker is also where the game becomes strategic. Some strategies are to bet fast and furious when there is a poor hand to make the other players think that a better hand is held. As a result, the other players fold and the winner is actually the person with the worst hand. This is done often, though the person has to be able to pull off a “poker face” which is where the term came from. Online poker has grown in popularity and mobile poker is now being introduced as well. In most instances, people are playing against other players around the world, though there are computer players that can be substituted as well.

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