How to Play Sudoku

Sudoku started off as a game played on a piece of paper. The goal is to establish numbers 1-9 in a chart where the same number cannot be repeated on the row or the column. Only a few numbers are filled in around the chart, which means it takes great skill and patience to sit down and examine the numbers. If a 1 is placed on the top row, it must also work within that column. As numbers are filled out to work within the other areas, that 1 may not necessarily work. Many people like to play Sudoku with a pencil because it allows them to erase some of their answers as they go along. The gambling side of Sudoku is generally played online or on a mobile device because it allows for technology to help with the game play. One will be able to choose how many lines they want to gamble on and the numbers will then be filled in from there. Some casinos also have a timer, requiring a person to not only strategize but also to do so quickly. Play online games and make extra cash.

Betting On A Game Of Sudoku

Generally speaking, when playing Sudoku, a player is able to choose anywhere between 1 and 9 lines to bet. They will only be paid on the completion of horizontal lines, not vertical lines – though some casinos offer a bonus for those who are able to complete the entire table within a certain amount of time or with no errors. Sudoku is not a group form of gambling like roulette and craps. Instead, a player is competing against themselves and a timer. This means there are no other factors to be concerned with except for the placement of the numbers.


Sudoku  VS Online Games

Some of the online games make it easy for people to figure out whether they have the numbers in place correctly because of a counter at the end of each row.

If the row adds up to 45, they have all of the numbers in place. Once 45 is revealed on all columns and rows, a person has been able to do their job. Sudoku can take a significant amount of time because of having to figure out the placement of the numbers with only a few to work with. Some answers are only placed in as a placeholder to see whether they work with the rest of the puzzle – similar to a crossword puzzle but with numbers.

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